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Kurosagi episode 11 FINALE


the first name thing pt.2/2



THIS! make my day so nabhghghjermsnfmnbsm XD

"I wanna feel~"

I’m not good at expressing my feelings.

But I promise you I’m better at expressing my feelings onto my wrists.

One cut for each time I couldn’t express myself.

Five cuts for every conversation I have explaining what’s wrong with me, and then getting ignored or shut down.

Ten cuts for hating myself, for gaining weight, for finally opening up but being ridiculed.

Fifteen cuts for someone important leaving me.

Twenty cuts for feeling so suffocated all the time, for having that constant heavy feeling in my chest.

The list can go on; it ranges from one to a hundred.

From one hundred to one thousand.

All of this pain because I can’t find a way to express myself. I will never seek help until my blood is dripping off my god damned wrists and I feel fucking wasted and empty.

But after all it’s better to feel empty, than to feel broken or heavy or depressed or suicidal. Anything beats this.

I’m broken and no one fucking cares (via honeyimnotworthit)

pissed off Jin hehe~ 


pissed off Jin hehe~ 

2009.06.17+24 Cartoon KAT-TUN s03e114+115 ~ BIG FAMILY [K-TU]

15 ppl + 1 dog: such a happy dynamic family and the children are so cute :3
Parents team: cleaning, washing, shaving, drying, hair-cutting (Kame~), shopping, cooking (Reimi-chan is so adorable!)

Children team: tidying, playing, singing, playing, playing :D
Omiyage: the whole family showed up,
Kame's 'Akanishi-kun, dou desu ka?' (2)(3)